Best Health Insurance Companies

Health insurance is essential for both your financial security and physical well-being, but it can be difficult to compare different insurance companies. We examined major, minor, and local insurers in order to determine the best health insurance providers countrywide. Here is a list of Best Health Insurance Companies.

Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance

In eight states, including California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Oregon, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., Kaiser Permanente provides highly rated individual health insurance alternatives. The business is notable for its excellent customer service and convenient access to top-notch medical treatment. Customers are constantly most satisfied with Kaiser Permanente.

Due to its excellent levels of client satisfaction and third-party reviews, as well as the free virtual care it provides with the majority of policies, Kaiser Permanente is our choice for the top quality insurance plans.

The insurer Kaiser Permanente exclusively offers HMO plans, which limit access to in-network physicians, and is only available in eight states and the District of Columbia. People searching for an HMO in one of the states the insurer covers have a good selection of options thanks to Kaiser Permanente, which offers four metal levels in addition to plans with minimum coverage.


4.3 stars generally 5-star rating for NCQA on

With most plans, free 24/7 virtual care is offered.

Highest grade for customer satisfaction


HMOs make up the majority of plans.


Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance

Health insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is of the highest caliber. Blue Cross Blue Shield stands out for its well regarded plans, extensive provider network, and accessibility throughout all 50 states. It is also the most well-known health insurance provider in the nation.

HMOs (health maintenance organizations), EPOs (exclusive provider organizations), and PPOs are just a few of the many plan types and options that BCBS provides. (preferred provider organizations). You can use these options to choose the coverage that best suits your need.

If you desire flexibility in where you receive medical treatment, the company is a fantastic choice. 90% of the hospitals and clinicians in the country are part of the BCBS network. Although each plan’s specific network is different, you’ll probably have access to a large number of doctors. Blue Cross is not a viable option for consumers on a limited budget, though, as the policies are typically more expensive than comparable coverage from other providers.


Positive NCQA average rating and availability nationwide

A range of metal levels and plan types

Cheapest Gold premium plans

Some states offer 24/7 virtual care for free


Some states have high copays.

Some plans have high deductibles.


UnitedHealthcare Health Insurance

Offering high-quality health insurance policies, UnitedHealthcare (UHC) is distinguished by its all-encompassing care, which includes a number of add-on perks and a feature-rich app. This can be a useful approach for self-employed people to simplify insurance, save time, and lessen hassle. The availability of UnitedHealthcare’s range of insurance plans, which includes health, dental, and vision insurance, may be restricted in some states.

Free primary care, affordable medicines, and access to wellness programs are all features of many UHC plans. Additionally, you can include dental, vision, and disability insurance. Additionally also, the UHC mobile app makes it simpler to maximize your coverage by allowing you to manage your plan, compare providers, estimate procedure costs, schedule telehealth consultations, and more.


Offers both children’s and adults’ dental care.

A range of short-term insurance options is available

Average NCQA rating of 3.5 stars

Medicare plans have nearly nationwide coverage

Medicare Advantage plans with a good reputation


Few programs for medical management

Higher than average health plan premiums

None PPO


Aetna Health Insurance

Aetna Health Insurance is one of the best health insurance companies. Plans from Aetna are less expensive per month than those from other providers, with average ratings. Aetna is a wonderful option for those who are young and healthy because of this. For people who would prefer a less expensive plan with average quality, Aetna’s more affordable plans are the best option.

Additionally, many plans allow you to utilize the Attain by Aetna app on an Apple Watch or Fitbit to earn incentives or gift cards for engaging in healthy activities, which can help you save even more money. Plans also offer free or inexpensive access to Target or CVS Minuteclinics, which are situated within of retail establishments. This can make it simple for policyholders to get in-network treatment in different places, such their hometown, their college town, or the location of an internship.


Benefits Offers MinuteClinic services are free or inexpensive.

Tax credits allow for $0 plan premiums.


Exceptionally high premiums

Dental care are not covered by health insurance plans

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